A chapter from the New Kyoto Chronicles.  When Donavan, a down and out hacker, gets the opportunity to rebuild his life will he be able to?  Suddenly he has the woman he loved offering him a way to clear his name and retake his former social standing, all he has to do is one of the most dangerous and taboo hacks possible.  On one side he’s got the powerful and manipulative corporation breathing down his neck and on the other is the motorcycle gang he’s been relying on since he fell from grace.   Can he make this work for him, or will he even make it out in one piece.

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Pages 1-5Wetwired small

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Pages 11-20 (the rest of section 1)

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Section 6: Part 2

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Section 11: Part 3

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Section 14 – final Chapter


Cover Art by Phil Spaulding