As per usual with overseas flights the time seemed to stop and last forever, a minute lasted for an eternity, every time Frank started to come close to sleep someone would shift or move or walk down the aisle bumping his arm. The one thing he liked on the plane was the stewardess, she was polite to begin with then grew slightly flirty. Her slender build exposed the life of spending most of her time on her feet; her legs tight and strong, her arms thin but firm from serving drinks, her makeup conservative and faded. Everytime she walked by she looked down to meet his eyes and gave him a small smile and occasionally a wink. When the flight finally landed Frank went through the motions of disembarkation. Getting his bag down from the overhead and waiting while the entirety of the passengers ahead of him meandered off the plane. As he made his way down the gangplank he pulled his ticket from his inside jacket pocket to examine the gate number. He shook his head as his eyes drifted over the departure time, he had a two hour layover before making it the rest of the way home.
The concourse was overly bright with the floor to ceiling windows pouring light in and Frank quickly decided that the best thing to do would be spend the next two hours at the concourse bar. He moved out to the main walkway and spotted it a little ways down and quickly made his way. Moments later he was sitting on a barstool with a beer in his hand and absently perusing the menu. The jet lag hadn’t really set in yet, but an eight hour flight will leave someone wondering not only what time it was but also what day it was. Despite the hour the beer went down smoothly. Frank pushed the menu aside and pulled his phone out of his pocket to check his email, he thumbed across several with just as little attention as he had payed the menu. He dropped it on the bar and looked around, the decore was prototypical faux antique and cluttered with knick knacks that are meant to seem interesting but really couldn’t be anything further from the truth.
“Screwdriver please,” a soft but sultry voice called out to the bartender. Frank looked around and saw the flirty stewardess pulling her blazer off and setting it across the stool next to him. Frank couldn’t help but smile as she sat down next to him and looked back at him.
“Feels good to get off your feet I bet.” Frank smiled at her and she smiled back, the dim bar light glinting off her eyes. The bartender broke the look between them by setting her drink down on the bar in front of her.
“Anything else I can getcha?” he asked. The stewardess shook her head at him and situated herself on her stool. With a heavy, and what Frank thought was likely a well deserved, sigh she picked up her drink and took a sip. He watched her and wondered what it must be like to live like she does, being in a different place all the time, never getting to really settle into a routine. Or at least that’s what he figured it would be like for her. All of that until he realized he was staring and quickly averted his eyes before he creeped her out.
“You have no idea,” she replied to him after what seemed like a disinterested amount of time to answer his question but then she continued. “The fucking airline wants us in heels which really kill after a couple hours.” She smiled at him a little as she turned slightly and kicked her feet out, pushing the shoes off onto the floor between them almost to accentuate her point.
“That suckes. Damned management always seems to think they know more than the people who’re actually doing the job, huh.” He picked up his beer and sipped at it. In an attempt to keep things moving between them he held his glass out in front of her.
“A toast, to Management, fuck’em.” he said with a growing smile. She giggled slightly as she raised her own glass and clinked it against the side of his.
“You were on my flight weren’t you?” She observed after she drank to his toast.
“Yeah, long flight for both of us. Are you headed out again or off for the day?” He hoped the latter so she may stay and help him kill his layover. She looked down at her drink and the expression on her face said anything before she had to.
“Off for the night, somehow I doubt they’d be overly happy if I were to get even one drink between flights.” Frank nodded and checked his watch, a staggeringly little amount of time had passed, which was good if he wanted to talk to her more.
“Do you mind if I ask your name?” he asked. She looked at him thoughtfully for a moment before answering.
“You really want to know?” she inquired, her brow furrowed slightly. Frank hadn’t expected this at all, why would she even hesitate to respond to something as mundane as giving her name. She evidently read the confusion on his face, “Let me guess, you’re on a layover and you’re just looking for someone to chat up while you wait.” He hoped that it was the tiredness he heard in her voice otherwise she wasn’t going to be talking with her long after all.
“Well, yes on both accounts. Clearly you know enough about all of this to know I’m on a layover and just killing time, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in you as a person. I wanted to talk more with you on the plane too, but honestly I didn’t think you’d want me to.” He drank heavily from his beer and recentered himself on his stool figuring he had ended the conversation.
“Sorry if that came across too harshly. You just have to understand in my line of work I get a lot of pick up attempts and I suppose it’s left me a bit jaded.” She motioned to the bartender who was wasting time at the other end of the bar needlessly wiping down the bartop. “Can I get me and my companion another round please?” He nodded and quickly began preparing the next round.
“Sure, I get that, but honestly I just wanted some conversation.” He looked at his watch now almost out of habit.
“Cindy, my name’s Cindy. And you are?” She drank the rest of her initial drink down as she waited.
“My name’s Frank. Where’re you from Cindy?” She smiled at him slightly which caused him to wonder if she really believed his name was Frank. Something he’d gotten more than once when talking to someone for the first time.
They continued talking for a while; exchanging travel stories of his business trips and her job, loathing of airline food and hotel mints. The drinks flowed and the barstools got closer and closer until as they talked Cindy started setting her hand on Franks thigh, something he very quickly noticed and silently appreciated. He also noticed that the top couple buttons on her conservative white blouse were undone, but he had no idea when she had done so. Most likely when she got off the plane and headed to the bar. He couldn’t help but gaze down at the rounded slightly tanned flesh staring back at him.
“How much longer do you have on your layover?” she asked, clearly ignoring his gaze. He snapped himself out of the revery of his thoughts which had suddenly turned to what she was worried about in the first place and back to the here and now. He looked at his watch and shook his head.
“Well sadly it looks like I have only about half an hour left,” he said with clear disappointment. She smiled at him, something he wasn’t expecting after being caught staring down her shirt.
“Can we tab out please?” Cindy called to the bartender. Damnit! I really blew it I guess. Frank thought.
“I’ve got this, I’ll let the company pay for it.” He dug out his wallet and set the company credit card on the bar. She stepped into her shoes and gathered her bag and jacket.
In a whisper he barely heard she said, “Family bathroom across the concourse in five minutes,” before turning and without another motion or word headed out of the bar. Did she really just say that? Yeah, she did, maybe the more important question was did she mean it? He pondered while the bartender ran his card and set the receipt on the bar for signature. Frank gathered his own belongings together and made his way across the concourse. In moments he found himself between the men’s and women’s rooms at the door of the Family Restroom which he knew would be lockable and have plenty of space for several things. Two options of which could be either favorable and on the erotic side and the other would be she would have someone else in there to beat and rob him. So he weighed the options and with the beer soaked courage he turned the handle and slowly opened the door.
As he began to peer inside a hand thrust out of the small opening and grabbed his shirt yanking him in. “It’s about time!” Cindy proclaimed as she pushed him against the far wall. Frank took quick inventory and his heart leapt as they were alone in the bathroom, he was not being mugged. Cindy stood back and clicked the lock on the door, neither of them would want someone walking in at a time like this. Frank looked her up and down, she had taken the time to remove her stockings and shoes but she still had her navy blue skirt and white blouse on. He smiled widely at her. She closed the distance between them quickly, pulling at the buttons of his shirt and yanking it open. He returned her actions by sliding his hands down her back and cupping her taut ass. She moaned ever so quietly as he kneaded at her.
Cindy leaned in and traced his neck with her lips, kisses and licks as she pulled his shirt the rest of the way open and down his arms where it stalled out at his elbows. She leaned back slightly to take in the well worked but not overly chiseled physique which was now bare in front of her. She let his shirt go for the opportunity and scratched his chest from top to his waist band. A growl left his lips he himself didn’t expect. With one fluid motion he tightened his grasp on her ass and picked her up, turning and setting her on the counter between the sinks. He slid his hands around her, taking a quick opportunity to feel her chest on his way to her neck, cupping the back of her head he tilted it slightly and leaned in, kissing her passionately.
She slid her fingers down his belly to the buckle of his belt and pulled at it frantically, eventually pulling it open. As she fumbled with the latch of his pants he moved his hands down and finished unbuttoning her blouse where he found that she had already removed her bra, also while she waited he supposed as there had been one there in the bar when he gawked at her. He yanked the blouse open and a missed button tore free flying across the room. He pulled their mouths apart and leaned in to taste the flesh he had just rescued from seclusion. She was an average build which left him completely satisfied with her chest, probably C cups but not that he would have minded anything give or take at this point as wound up as he was. He cupped her breasts and one nipple after the other. Cindy moaned with approval however it significantly slowed her progress with what she was doing, not that Frank seemed to mind, but eventually she pulled his pants open and shoved her hand deep into them. Frank felt the masked roughness of a woman who works with her hands for a living but uses plenty of moisturizer to compensate as she closed around him. A shudder ran up his spine. He moved his hands all around her bare skin, from her breasts up to her soft and tender neck and then back down to her thighs. Her skin was more intoxicating than the booze had been, all he wanted was more. And there was more to be had so he grinned as his lips moved from breast to toned belly and wherever seemed convenient.
Cindy moaned under the caress of his mouth but she clearly wanted more, she let go of him and leaned back against the mirror and pulling her feet up to the counter which gave her more room to hike her skirt up. Frank took the not so subtle hint and dropped his hands to her hips and yanked at her panty straps, pulling them down her thighs and up to her knees before she had to sit back down. She kicked her feet up and her panties found themselves flying across the bathroom, neither of them paying attention to where they ended up. Frank pulled her thighs apart and leaned over quickly, the hunger to taste her so overwhelming that he didn’t waste any time on teasing hips or thighs but just his tongue found it self flicking over the most sensitive part of a woman before caressing her lips and inner self before starting all over again. The sensations must have been what she was craving as Frank felt her run her fingers through his hair with such ferocity he was sure there would be blood in the shower next time he bathed. The longer he stayed the more she moaned until she clamped down on his head with her thighs but he could still hear her.
A fleeting thought of someone trying to get into the bathroom only to hear what was going on inside crossed his mind, but at this point Frank couldn’t care less. Eventually she relaxed her anaconda hold on his head and he decided that this was a good point to move one, he wanted to feel her, not just taste, but really feel. He stood up and yanked at the edge of his pants sending them down to his ankles. With the same grasp he had on her hips he pulled her to the edge of the counter and without hesitation he positioned himself and thrust. She was tight enough that he struggled the first couple attempts at complete depth, but within seconds he knew how she felt and it was the closest to heaven he’d had in a long time. The wetness made her feel like an extension of him and the undulating folds reminded him where he ended and how wonderful that ending felt. He worked in and out of her as he looked down on her; her tan skin freckled under the unflattering lighting, her chest moving in opposite of their rhythm and her disheveled clothing still on but not covering anything only reminded him of the spontaneity and eagerness of what they were doing.
Cindy pulled herself up and grabbed his back, nails dug in and teeth found a home in his chest. Frank continued at the same ferocious pace as she dug her heels into his ass and thighs, he could feel everything about her quiver around him. After a moment of stillness she pushed him back off her. The sudden cool air around what had just been inside her felt wrong and all he wanted as to resume what they were doing. She used her heels to push him further away as she slithered off the counter. She leaned over and put one hand on the mirror, the other pulled her skirt to ensure he still had the proper access. Frank moved up behind her and slid back into her. She raised up slightly so she could watch him in the mirror. He grabbed the back of her skirt and used it as leverage as he worked into her. Her moans turned into shouts and then screams. He reached his other hand up into the back of her scalp and gathered a handful so he could direct the posture of her head, he wanted to see her too. The feelings of everything tactile and emotional quickly welled up inside him and he knew it wasn’t going to be long. Instinctively thrust harder and harder, faster and faster. Cindy seemed to know what was about to happen as he could feel her clamp down around him.
“Oh, yes!” she screamed as he thrust one last time and everything that had been building since he had first seen her unleashed deep inside her. He pushed as hard as he could, almost trying for additional depth.
“Oh god…” but a whisper was all he could manage.

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