The Emergency Room was quiet that night, there were the usual calls to admission when someone came in but overall it was slower than usual. Heath sat behind his computer just waiting until the next patient came through without insurance so he could spring upon them to see if they qualified for government assistance. As the evening drew on he decided to go to the registration desk to check in with them, he wasn’t doing any good sitting around like he was. He crossed the hallway to the back side of the ER where he keycarded his way through the big double doors. The halls were wide and bright as ever, being stuck in the office which was much dimmer he always felt a little overwhelmed at the intensity of the lights in the ER. He made his way down the hallway toward the registration desk, keeping his eyes forward still fighting that natural instinct to look into the open doorways. As he neared one of the rooms the door opened and out stepped a nurse, Kim who he’d talked with regularly since they worked the same shift and he’d become pretty friendly with her.  He smiled as she drew her eyes up to meet his. She rolled her eyes and motioned for him to follow her over to the nurses station.

“I can’t believe some people, that pervy ol’ man just solicited me.” Heath looked back at the room she was talking about and then back to her before answering.

“Well damn, can you blame him?” he asked with half a smirk growing across his face. She frowned at him but her cheeks began to glow subtly giving away the falseness of her glower. She shook her head and stepped up to the computer to input some notes, but before moving from next to Heath she swatted him in the belly. “Come on, the only good thing about a trip to the ER is the view, right?” he elaborated as he made note of looking her up and down. They were usually like this, flirting back and forth any given day, but it had never gone past that.

“Or the doctors,” she said craning her neck to look around him. Heath snapped his head around to see who she was talking about but there was no one there. He looked back at her and she smiled tauntingly back.

“Ha, gotcha.” She turned and clicked her password into the system. This time it was him who was shaking his head.

“Bitch.” He called her with a fanciful lilt in his voice that always made her giggle. She looked up from the computer long enough to snicker and roll her eyes. “Alright, I’m gonna go see if I have any business. I’ll getcha later.” He informed as he turned and finished his way to the registration desk. He stepped up and leaned on the counter separating the registration desk and the ER. “Hey Edith, how’s it going?”

“Hello Heath, how’re you tonight?” she inquired without looking up from the computer monitor as she was inputting a patient’s information. He looked around, over all the ER was quiet, not many people around this time of night. A security guard named Brian walked by and nodded to Heath who nodded back.

“I’m good, got anything for me?” he asked Edith without high expectations. She continued to peck away at her keyboard as she replied.

“Nope, everyone’s covered so far. Rare as that may be.” She scoffed quietly, implying some kind of political or sociological point of view that Heath had no interest in.

“Okay, I’m going to go check with the others,” he needlessly said as he turned and walked over to the second pod.

He mingled around for a while, but there wasn’t anything really to keep him there so after asking them to call him if they needed him he wandered back through the ER. He said hello to several more nurses and doctors on his way. Just as he got to the doors that led back to his office area he heard a soft whistle. Normally he would ignore strange sounds in the ER as most people are grunting or moaning, but a whistle was odd enough to catch his attention. He stopped and turned to see Kim standing next to an open door. She smiled at him intently as she motioned for him to come back to her. With an exaggerated roll of the eyes he stepped back a few paces to her. He couldn’t help but take her in as he made his way, she had a petite frame and her scrubs fit loosely enough to hide the tone aerobically fit body he knew was underneath having seen her in a nice dress at the Christmas party. That night he really memorized how she looked, her little black dress pushing the boundaries of office appropriate. Cut down the front enough to emphasise her small but well defined breasts, the back similarly cut showing off her tone core. She wore her hair down which he hadn’t ever seen before, her blonde hair was curled and framed her face drawing attention to her piercing green eyes. Then there were her shoes, a strappy pair of stilettos that really made her legs pop. He had thought long and hard about her that night. He shook the memory from his mind and looked at her with curiosity.

“Didn’t you say you’d get me later?” she asked as her eyes glinted with a look that Heath had only caught faint hints of with their flirtatious exchanges, desire.

“Well…” he trailed off as she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him into the open door. Heaths eyes went wide with the unexpected pull, he found himself in a supply closet and being shoved against the far side shelving. Kim closed the door and locked it behind herself before turning back to him, her eyes ablaze like he had never seen before. She nearly ran across the room until she was face to face with him, or more accurately face to his chest. Violently she grabbed him around the back of the head and pulled him down, pressing her lips to his. The suddenness of her actions took him so off guard that he simply stood there for a moment before coming to his senses and realizing just what was going on. With a bang in his mind he decided to reciprocate. His hands moved up her back to the back of her head, he pulled her in tighter as he parted her lips with his tongue. She opened wantingly for him, sucking his tongue into her mouth and flicking hers around it. He had wanted to do exactly this thousands of times in the past, but never thought she was that interested in him. Clearly he was wrong. Their kiss lasted a few moments but in that relative way it seemed much faster. Kim dropped her hands from his head to his arms and pulled his hands away from her as she stepped back. Heath grunted with discontent.

“You stay,” she commanded as she raised her index finger in the universal wait signal. She stepped further back and pulled her scrubs top off, dropping it to the floor. She had on a sports bra under the scrubs that did not do her justice, merely squashing her chest down. She pulled the tie on her scrubs bottom and they slid effortlessly down before she kicked them aside. Her petite body nearly glowed under the harsh lighting but Heath welcomed every inch he could see. With a slow turn she spun around showing off everything she had exposed. Heath was nearly drooling at the site of her. She pulled one foot up in a faux model pose and giggled softly. She stepped close to him again and he raised his hands to touch her. SMACK, she slapped him gingerly across the face. “Stay,” she reiterated before stepping back across the room, pulling her bra off with effort given its tightness. With her back to him she flung the bra back at him, it hit him in the chest and he caught it as it fell. The warmth from the material sent a shiver up his spine. Unconsciously he smiled at her as he shook his head slightly, realizing the game she was playing. She turned around and grinned menacingly at him. He had hoped when she turned that he would be able to take more of her in, but she held her arm across her chest obstructing his view. He scowled at her, but with the flick of an eye brough he thought, two can play at this. He reached up and undid the top button of his shirt and his scowl turned into a wolfish grin. With this she slowly slid her hand across her chest, progressively exposing more and more flesh. He could see gooseflesh raising in the wake of her hand and he so wanted it to be his hand. She raised her other hand up and cupped both breasts slowly caressing around until her fingers teased at the already aroused nipples. Heath continued to unbutton his shirt as he watched her, he could almost feel her skin under his hands as he watched her caressing her stomach and chest.

Intentionally slowly, teasingly she dropped her fingers into the sides of her red lacy panties and pulled them over her hips as she turned she bent at the waist as she continued to pull them down, giving him a very explicit view of her as she did. Heath started to move toward her again and she snapped bolt upright and turned on him. Again holding up the wait signal. “I said stay,” she demanded with more vigor than before. He finished unbuttoning his shirt and pulled it off, in turn throwing it at her. She laughed heartily and tossed it next to her scrubs.

“Ah.” Heath exhaled as if to protest but rested back against the shelves. Watching her undress and not being able to touch along with the taste of her lips still lingering on his was driving him to distraction. She kicked her panties over to the pile of scrubs she had made and stepped over to a large plastic bin. She leaned over to him and blew a kiss before sitting on the bin. She propped the nearer leg up on the shelves next to Heath and let the other hang over the edge as she caressed her thighs with each hand, slowly drawing his gaze as she did. He watched on hungrily as she traced the curves of her hips so tenderly just watching it gave Heath a shudder up his spine. His eyes moved along with her hands as they moved over her body, one lingering on her thigh and the other making its way to her chest. She cupped her breast, in her hand it looked more than ample but he knew along with their perfect shaping and perkiness they were proportionate to her petite build.

“So, do you think you deserve more?” she playfully teased as she ran her fingers across her belly and over the small heart shaped patch of hair that had caught Heaths attention the moment it came into view. Normally he wasn’t a fan of hair in that area as he didn’t like it getting stuck in his teeth, but this was driving him mad, he found it sexy as hell. He reached down and felt himself through his slacks, he was definitely enjoying the show.

“Well, of course I do, but the real question is… do you?” he replied reversing the taunt. She giggled and feigned getting up to the point his eyes shot wide and he stepped forward to stop her and attempt to correct his folly. She laughed loudly and he couldn’t help himself from giving a sheepish smile in return. Kim settled back onto the crate and re-positioned herself to give him the best view. She settled back and resumed caressing herself, one hand playfully exploring her chest drawing his attention to her light pink nipple, the other hand tracing the curves of her thigh. Heath shifted his attention to the lower hand while her index finger slid along her inner thigh to her lower belly and again over her shaped region. His smile shited to that of a hungry animal as he watched her teasing around and over that sweet place where her thighs, and Heaths attention, meet. He could feel his heart beating faster and faster as he watched, unable to truly feel her for himself he was forced to only imagine the sensations.

He happened a glance up to her face and she watched him just as intently as he was her, she had the look of a shark stalking its prey. With the twitch of an eyebrow he decided to give her what she was looking for, he slid his hands around his waist and undid the buckle of his belt. The change he saw in her face told him she approved as he undid the button then the zipper. He let his slacks fall to the floor then massaged himself through his boxer briefs as he stepped out of the slacks and kicked them over to the pile of clothing. He started hearing Kim moaning as she rubbed and caressed the area just below the tip of the heart she had groomed. The sounds she made only drove his heart rate faster, it pounded in his ears like sound of some primal drum narrating an ancient ritual. Heath noticed Kims eyes hadn’t wavered from the front of his boxers, he moved his hands up to his hips and slid his boxers to the floor. As he stood back upright he saw her examining him while she moved her hand more central and down, sliding two fingers inside herself she moaned loudly. Heath watched as Kim pressed down with the palm of her hand onto the sensitive peak over her opening while she worked her  fingers in and out. He gripped himself and imagined what she was feeling as he stroked up and down on himself, the combination of his imagination and his firm grasp around himself was nice but he wanted more. Kims other hand moved from her chest up to her chin and she bit her index finger, biting back a scream that Heath heard muffled deep inside her.

He would have loved to have been videoing what he was watching, but instead he burned it into his memory. The color of her ivory skin, the pinkness of her flushed chest and nipples, that heart shaped invitation, her fingers glistening as they worked in and out of her, the tone and muscled shape of her legs as she held them up, the quiver in her lip as she bit down on her fingers. Each aspect was enough to get him off again, but together he would cherish this sight forever. He couldn’t take it any longer and stepped forward, he was intent on having her and not letting this just be a shared peepshow. His lust welling up inside him like a dammed lake in torrential downpour. Kims eyes shot wide as he moved and he thought she was about to hold him off again, until her eyes rolled back and she let out a whimper before seeming to go limp.

“Enough of this,” he insisted as he closed the distance. She snapped her head up and dropped her hand from her mouth.

“You had said you were gonna get me, didn’t you?” she teased as he stepped up to the crate she sat on, grabbed her thigh and pulled her around to face him directly. He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers, this time it was her who penetrated the others lips. Her tongue was hotter than before and somehow seemed sweeter. He licked at the soft wet muscle as he dropped his hands around her, her skin was hot to the touch as he gently caressed down her back and around her belly before back up to her chest. Her breasts were as firm as he’d imagined but the actual feeling of her flesh was eminently better. She moaned into his mouth as they massaged each others tongues, the vibrations tickled his lips. His eyes were closed as he kissed her but he felt her grab him, her hand was hot and sticky as she caressed his length. Lightly at first she moved from exploring him lower where she found the base and moved around the adjoining extremities, rolling them around in her hand he shivered slightly from the sensation. He wanted to explore every inch of her with his hands and mouth, but his animalistic side was winning over, not to mention he knew deep down that they were still at work and anyone with a key to the closet could discover them at any moment. This last thought sent bolts of sensation all over his body. Her caress had turned to a guiding motion as she pulled gently and positioned him right outside the gates of heaven.

Heath opened his eyes and pulled back from the kiss, he wanted to see her face when he entered. Her eyes were glossy yet intent as she pulled him closer still, she teased herself with his tip but he held his ground, not allowing her to pull him in any further. Her mouth gapped slightly as she moaned with frustrated desire. He shifted his hips ever so slightly back and forth, teasing her. He could feel the sticky heat caressing the pinnacle of him and he wanted more and the look in her eyes telling him the same thing made it impossible to resist. Slowly and intently he drove into her, the sensation of her wetness around him and her throaty sigh of pleasured releaf crescendoing brought home the reality of what was happening. Flashes of thoughts he’d had about her over the last few years crossed his mind and nothing in his wildest imagination had prepared him for what was actually happening. Just as he concluded his revery she slid her hands up his body, one around his neck and the other up his jaw. She slid her lubricated fingers into his mouth. He pulled them in with his tongue and licked her from her hand, the taste was everything he knew it would be; sweet and musky. Slowly he moved out of her nearly all the way and then back in, pushing hard against her body when it made contact. He knew even from watching her that she wanted both internal and external pressure, so he did his best to accommodate with his body, keeping his pelvis against hers as he worked her.

“Oh god yes,” Kim breathed more than said as he could feel her quiver under him, her hand pulled out of his mouth and she pulled him in pressing her lips against his again, completing the circuit of flesh. Electricity shot from every point he touched her, from his girth undulating inside her to his hands reading her flesh like braille to his tongue playfully dancing with hers. He was taken aback by the sensations, this was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before, and he deeply hoped that it wouldn’t be the last. She moved her hands down his back and grabbed tightly onto his flexing butt, pulling hard against him she directed his depth and speed until.

“Ummmmmn!” she cried into their kiss at the same time he could feel her clench down around him, the feeling nearly sending him over the edge to join her in orgasmic bliss. But he wanted this to go on for as long as they could manage. He held his breath for a moment and forced himself to relax as she clung to him, the feeling slowly subsided. She dropped her hands away from him to the crate and pulled away from the kiss. He took this as a cue for something different so he slid his hands around her and under her shapely ass then lifted her up. Her small stature made it easy for him to pull her up to him as he stood. She complied by wrapping her legs around his back and grabbing him around the shoulders to steady herself. He turned and pushed her up against the door, the only non-shelved section of the room, and thrust hard into her. Nose to nose she looked hungrily into his eyes.

“Fuck me hard Heath,” he voice quivered with ecstasy as he tightened his hold on her taught cheeks and cycled harder into her. His own breath wavered under the exertion and pleasure. The door thumped into the jam as they moved against it, Heath barely noticed the sound as his focus was exclusively on Kim. She let go of his shoulders and braced herself against the wall trying to minimize the noise, to no avail. “Move me, someone will hear,” she instructed as she wrapped her arms around him again. He lifted her off the door and off of him, she dropped her legs and stood. With one more kiss she turned and held onto a nearby shelf standing on her tippy toes she arched her back and stuck her butt out.

“Like I said, the best thing about the ER is the view… well nearly the best,” he corrected as he positioned himself behind her and grabbed her hips. He thrust deep into her and she let out a quivering breath that sounded like pure enchantment to him.

“You better say that,” she demanded as she reached one hand back and clawed at his belly. The dichotomy of sensations of pain and pleasure just heightened his sensation further. His thighs slapped against her well appreciated ass as the continued, her moans slowly grew louder as did his. He couldn’t contain any sound so he decided to tell her everything.

“Damn Kim, you feel so damned good.” She looked back over her shoulder, eyelids fluttering slightly.

“How good?” she inquired as she clawed again forcing him to lurch his back and he drove harder into her. She replied with a quick groan.

“You are pure ecstasy baby,” he informed her, his hands moving from her hips around to her chest he squeezed tightly appreciating the realization of past desires. He wanted to say more but the primal part of his brain took over and all he could do was grunt and moan.

“Had I realized you were this much fun I wouldn’t have waited all this time to pull you in here,” she said in broken tones that gave away how much she really meant it. The dam was getting ready to give way and he knew he couldn’t do anything about it this time, his thrust deepened and quickened while his grasp around her breasts tightened. “Ahhhh,” Kim moaned at the new pace, Heaths head was swimming with all of this. He looked around and the surreal feeling of about to wake up from a dream flooded his mind, but he didn’t. Instead he could feel his conclusion nearing ever closer. “Give it to me!” she screamed into the shelves as he pounded into her. She pressed her hips back and he couldn’t go on any longer.

“AHHHHHH! He shouted in pulsating breath. He released into her and held himself as deep inside her as he could, she reciprocated by pushing back against him. He could feel her clamping down on him as he shuddered deep within her, the feeling sending him into a euphoric haze. He slumped down on her back, her skin hot against his, and she reached back gently caressing his thighs. He breathed heavily into the back of her neck trying to regain himself. Slowly the thought occurred to him that this was a one time thing and he was thrust downward from the euphoria he had been feeling into sadness and anger. He pulled himself off her and reluctantly out of her. She gave a faint whimper as he did. He liked the sound of that, it gave him back a portion of the happiness he had just lost. As he turned to pick up his clothes he felt a hard smack on the ass, he spun back around and saw that she had turned and sat on the crate all of this began with and was beaming at him, a glow with the sensations still coursing through her body.

“So, you coming over after work?” she asked with a genuine smile that filled him with warmth. Without so much as a thought he bent back over to her and kissed her deeply, reliving the feeling and taste of her lips he had first experienced a short time ago.

“Your place or mine?” They dressed quickly and the flirtation continued with stolen kisses and pokes to distract. Before long they were gathered together enough to rejoin their jobs they had abandoned.

“You first and I’ll wait a few moments before leaving so it’s not too obvious.” she informed as she rotated the lock on the door and stood back. He leaned in for one more kiss before pulling the door open and stepping back into the ER hallway then quickly turned and headed for his office. As he did he was met by Brian who was walking the other way, nothing out of the ordinary, until…

“Did you two have fun?” Brian asked without breaking stride. He walked right past Heath who was suddenly dumbfounded that they were heard but not interrupted. “Uh-huh, thought so,” he said as he kept walking. Heath shook his head and finished his journey back to his office.

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