This chapter from the New Kyoto Chronicles puts forth the question of spirituality versus technology.  Where is the existential line between what makes us who we are and what we are made of.  Follow Max, a low tech bounty hunter, as he is caught up in a rampage of revenge as the global corporation Ishimura breaks not only the laws of man but pushes the boundaries of theology, morals and ethics.  He must enlist the assistance of hackers and gang members to navigate the net while he hunts down corporate scum.  All the while coming closer to his cohorts and his own beliefs.

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Section 1: The Bountycybercrimes small

Section 2: Ishimura

Section 3: Fellowship of Digital Haven

Section 4: The Titanic

Section 5: Every Journey Begins with A Single Step

Section 6: Fly Fishing

Section 7: Sweet Dreams

Section 8: The Call

Section 9: 30 Minutes to Chaos

Section 10: Confession

Section 11: Lamentation in Ecstacy

Section 12: Stolen Files

Section 13: Ghost Hunting

Section 14: A Trip into Destiny

Section 15: Interrogation

Section 16: Battery Acid Elation

Section 17: Flatline Algorithm

Section 18: The Lead

Section 19: The Getaway

Section 20: Atonement


Cover Art by Phil Spaulding