In this chapter of the New Kyoto Chronicles we take a look into the dangers of over modding with cybernetics.  Alden is a street coordinator, someone who knows how to get anything and contact everyone.  One night he meets Angel, a girl who will change his whole life.  In a whirlwind of emotions and on the run they need to figure out how to escape Corporate Security Agents, street gangs and the Police. But will they make it?

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PrologueCyberangel small

Section 1 – Interviews

Section 1 – Interviews Continued

Section 2 – Bat Shit Crazy

Section 3 – Honeymoon

Section 4 – Post Op

Section 5- Interruptions

Section 6 – On the Way

Section 7 – Restroom Break

Section 8 – Bad Decisions

Section 9 – Broken Angel




Cover Art by Phil Spaulding